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This poem is dedicated first to all the mothers of Lela Blossom School and to the mothers of the 109 Ukrainian children killed in the war memorialized with strollers in the city of Lyviv. 

Dear Mother,

More than a person

She’s a gate; a portal

The bridge between God’s intention for mankind and its manifestation

The eye that sees beyond our appearances

The heart that feels our pain like it’s hers

Dear Mother,

More than a person

She’s a place; a haven

Where else do we go when we don’t feel good enough?

Where do we go when we need to be inspired?

Where do we go when we need answers?

Dear Mother,

There’s no limit to how far she can go just to care

There’s no word to describe the pain she endures just to nurture

There’s no money to quantify the sacrifices she makes

There’s no substitute for her anywhere in the world no matter how hard you search

Dear Mother,

She is the gift and the giver

The gift from the Father of lights

The giver whose heart always yearns for her own

She is many things all in one package

If you see a mother today, make her feel special because every mother is a miracle 

Happy Mothers’ Day 


Nkiruka Ugwu