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Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve compiled a list of important Q&As to help you with any concerns you may have as you go through the admissions process.

We’ve also included a question area for you to ask any questions we may have missed. We will gladly answer your inquiries.

How do I begin the process of admission for my child?

You can receive our Admission Form from the school for a charge of N10,00, or you can download one online. When the completed form is received, the admission Officer will schedule the kid for a written exam, if one is required.

What is the enrollment process?

After viewing the school and meeting with the Admission Officer, parents may complete the admission form. You may utilize our online platform to finish the admissions process and browse our website to get whatever you need.

Is there a time limit for enrolling?

Families often enroll their children in September at the start of the school year. We do, however, accept applications on a rolling basis. If space is available, students can join a classroom at any time during the school year.

Is there a written exam required for admission?

With the exception of early years students, all candidates seeking admission to LelaBlossom must take a written placement test. Our admittance is solely based on age appropriateness for the following classes:

Entering Playgroup/Pre-Nursery   –        2 years old by September 1st

Entering Nursery 1    –        3 years old by September 1st

Entering Nursery 2      –        4 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 1       –        5 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 2     –        6 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 3      –        7 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 4     –        8 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 5    –        9 years old by September 1st

Entering Primary 6    –        10 years old by September 1st

Entering JS 1            –        11 years old by September 1st

Entering JS 2       –        12 years old by September 1st

What happens if a child does not pass the Placement Test?

We give a Provisional Admission Letter and, in collaboration with the parents, a refresher program to assist the applicant in addressing some learning issues and grey areas in core topics. The placement test will be retaken at a later date.

What sort of school is LelaBlossom School?

We are a secular co-educational school. We respect each child’s religious beliefs and educate our students to do the same.

From Play Group to JSS2, we have a class for you.

Is the school able to accommodate students with special needs?

Yes, we have an inclusive educational system in place where students with special needs may learn alongside their peers. The school provides special care through the use of shadow instructors.

What are the operating hours of Lelablossom School?

We are open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. In addition, we are open all year. We do, however, follow all federal government-advertised public holidays.

What are the fundamentals of your school's operations?

At a glance, these are our core school operations:

Regular resuming time for other pupils is 7:30-7:45.

Morning Assembly (7:45-8:00 a.m.)

8:00-8:15 a.m. – Mental Math

Calisthenics are only held on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m.

2:00 p.m. – School dismissal for Nursery and Primary students.

Secondary school pupils are dismissed at 3:30 p.m.

What is the average class size at Lelablossom?

Our typical class size is 20 students/pupils.

How secure are the school grounds?

We take the safety of both people and property extremely seriously. Our gates are well-protected. We have appropriate security professionals on duty at all times to ensure this. So you can be confident that your child is secure with us.

What is the educational background of the LelaBlossom teachers?

We only recruit highly skilled and experienced individuals at LelaBlossom. Our recruiting standards are quite stringent and comprehensive. We make hiring decisions based on need and merit.

What educational philosophy does LelaBlossom follow?

We think that when children have good sentiments of self-worth and are able to express, comprehend, and manage with their own and others’ emotions, they are better equipped to explore new areas of learning and connect more completely with the world around them.

Emotional intelligence abilities are crucial for academic, social, and personal success, and are at the center of LelaBlossom’s teaching philosophy. We put a strong emphasis on establishing a love of learning in each child, allowing the seeds of curiosity and wonder to take root, blossom, and grow for a lifetime.

Is LelaBlossom a multicultural community?

Yes. We respect and promote diversity, and we benefit from a multicultural student and family community. In addition to our own curriculum, which teaches about many other nations, we welcome our families to share their unique cultures and heritages with their child’s classroom community, building a respect for traditions from all around the world.

How do parents learn about their children's growth at LelaBlossom?

Teachers contact with parents during drop-off and pick-up on a regular basis. We also hold frequent parent-teacher conferences to examine and discuss the growth of the students. Communication with parents is an essential component of our curriculum. Our School Administrator, School Admin Officer, and Principal are always accessible to speak with parents.

Is there a summer program available?

Yes. In August, LelaBlossom provides summer activities for youngsters ranging from preschool to senior high school. Our skilled and innovative instructors oversee the programs, which make full use of the school’s magnificent surroundings and Nature Center/Outdoor Classroom. Local relationships also enable us to provide sports and other enjoyable activities.

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