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Starting school is a huge milestone in every child’s development and it’s absolutely normal for you to worry about how your child will cope.

Here’s a few ways to prepare your child for their first day in school.

1.  Tour the school

Visit the school with your child ahead of the school resumption and let them familiarize with their new surroundings. Your child can take a peek at his new classroom, the library, and other facilities he will be using throughout the school year. This will also give you a chance to ask the staff any questions or concerns you may have.


2.  Practice key skills

Teach them simple skills they will need to do on their own in school. These can be simple tasks like: unzipping their bag, opening their lunch box and juice carton or water bottle, taking off and putting on shoes by themselves and eating by themselves.


3.  Practice the new morning routine.

A morning routine allows children to learn how to take care of their own responsibility. Practice makes perfect! Establish the new morning routine at least a few times before school starts to get your child mentally prepared for school and establish healthy habits.


4. Self-care.

Expect them to come home dirty – this is an essential part of their learning and development. But to help maintain their personal hygiene (and save on your washing bill!) encourage your child to become independent with self-care. Show them how to wash their hands when dirty, and how to clean up after themselves, too.


5.  Prepare Yourself

Sometimes, we are more nervous than our children about the first day of school. If you have done all the things mentioned above (and possibly more!), you have done all that you can to prepare your child for starting school.

Smile! Going to school is a big milestone and it’s time for your child (Ren) to go and exercise their independence.